A couple of weeks ago the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland erupted, releasing a large ash cloud into the sky. It was reported on the news that the cloud would be passing over the Netherlands, creating an intense red glow during sunset. So, together with a friend of mine, we set out to capture the glow :)

This was also a good chance to try out some HDRs, as it’s hard to capture the entire sky in one image, without blowing out parts of the image.

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Blue-beaked duck

In my post from a couple of days ago, I forgot to mention a rather peculiar duck that was also in the area around the pond. I had never seen one like this before: a blue-beaked duck..

Close-up after the break..

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Spring has arrived!

Seems I’m posting about once every season ;) Since the last one was about wintertime in Wageningen, I guess that makes this one about spring :)

About a week ago, while walking to the supermarket, I noticed the nest of a Moorhen in a small pond near the building where I live. I made a mental note to go back the next week with my camera, when hopefully the eggs would’ve hatched. So, today was that day :) I went out with my girlfriend to feed the birds, but after locating the spot where the Moorhen made it’s nest, we only found a lonely egg…

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Wintertime in Wageningen

A long overdue update! I underestimated how much time my MSc thesis would be consuming when I stated the blog would be updated every other week. I still have lots of photos I took during the days (months) between the last update and now, e.g. during my summer holidays, but those will have to wait..

Last week I took a break from my thesis and returned to my university city, Wageningen, to study for some repeat exams. For those of you who aren’t living in the Netherlands: it snowed! a LOT! So while maybe I should’ve been studying, I took one afternoon off together with two friends and we had some fun in the snow (and took pictures of course).

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Streamlined watermarking

You might’ve noticed that all my images have my autograph watermarked onto them. To do this I use an Adobe Photoshop action (or rather, a droplet) which places an image (my autograph) onto any photo I feed into the droplet. It took me quite some time to figure out how to record an action that would take an existing image from my hard drive and applies it to a photo. Therefore I thought it would be nice to start a new section with video tutorials to share some of these (hopefully) useful, timesaving techniques. Continue reading for the tutorial!

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Into nature…

This is the first of what probably (definitely) will become a series of macro posts on this blog. Not just of insects, like in this post, but also more abstract pictures.

Curled up catarpillar

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Nighttime photo-op!

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine asked if I would like to take some pictures of a part of The Hague (it’s in the Netherlands ;) ) that he really likes. One of the photos would be used for decorating the office where he’s moving to at his job.

Randstadrail in the Beatrixkwartier, The Hague

The railway is called the Randstadrail: it’s a project that was created to improve the public transport connections between the city centers of several large cities in the Netherlands. The last time I’d been there I was still in high school and the whole thing was yet to be built, so I was curious as to what it would look like now.

Last Friday we waited for it to get dark and set off towards the center..

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Hello world!

First post!

After two years of silence on FanchiPhotography.com, the site has been turned into this blog!

The reason I chose to use a blog structure, is because I wanted an easy way to share some of my non-concert photography.
I hope to bring weekly updates on my photo-ops and maybe some random thoughts..

Second post in the course of next week!